We have a variety of cars including the following:-
- 4WD Omni bus pop ups
- 4WD Landcruiser prado open roof
- 4WD Mitsubishi Pajero
- 4WD Super Custom
- Costas and small cars

Safari vehicles for hire

Every tourist is entitled to a window seat for better viewing. We offer a range of transportation choices to cater for all budgets. We will advise you on any vehicle suitability. For more information email:

cars for hire uganda

Vehicle Type 

Charges in Us Dollars (US $)

Type of Car Per Day 

4WD Vehicle - Land cruiser/ Pajero 150
4WD RAV 4 100
4WD Minibuses 120

2WD Minibuses 70
2WD Saloon 40
25-29 Bus Seater 170

land cruiser for hire kampala

Please note:
- the above rates are on un limited mileage,  exclude gas/fuel but with a driver
- the vehicles are chauffeur driven but self- drivencars are also provided
- payment can be made in any convertible currency
- payments in credit cards are possible by prior arrangements
- all payments should be made at Elephant holiday safaris offices in kampala

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