414 kms from Kampala - kabale (Tarmac) and 120 kms from kabale - Kanyantorojo (murram). 

Time on the road
7 hours between Kampala and kabale; 4 hours between Kabale and Kanyantorojo with 1-2 hours break in Kabale. bwindi forest

Bwindi exclusively known for the Gorillas is located south west of uganda on the shores of the great rift valley. With 346 bird species and 200 species of butterflies, Bwindi has Gorilla tracking as its main tourist activity. It is a home to the world's 1st largest concentration of Gorillas.

Bwindi has four groups of Gorillas available for tourists daily and the trekking activity is governed by certain rules for conservation purposes.


- Gorilla tracking – A must not miss and because of its specularity bookl in advance at least six months before your safari.
- Nature Walks – Will enable you to see more of the primates, a variety of birds and many species of butterflies
- Cultural performances – Presented by women and orphan groups in the evenings form the neighboring community.

gorilla eating

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